Pickett Community Center

Pickett Community News

Pickett Community Center
6687 State Hwy 44
PO Box 336
Pickett WI 54964

A one stop Community Center for all AGES!
Fall pumpkin 12x12 brick paver painting class - Tues. Oct 10th 6pm
Call 589-6111 to register.  $30
          Pickett Community Center Rental Fees
  • Shelter and Grounds                                 $150.00
  • Senior Room (SR                                        $25.00
  • Dinning Room/Kitchen (DR/K)             $50.00
  • Dinning Room/Kitchen/and
    Senior Room (PKG)                                    $65.00
  • Shelter (S)                                                     $40.00
  • Deposit for Group>100 
    or Serving Liquor                                     $100.00
  • Deposit for Group < 100                           $50.00
Board of Directors

President:  Herman Berndt
Vice President:  Al Reilly
Treasurer:  Carol Beck
Secretary:  Sharon Oliver
Wanda Kettlewell
Elaine Welk
Amiee Henning
Jody Zahn
Connie Wahoske
Donna Harris
Ktchen Manager:  Gary Davies
Cook Assistant:  Jody Zahn
Substitute:  Lucy Schroeder
Director & 3 Yr. old  Preschool Teacher: Paula Brewer

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       Room Rentals &  Catering available for your Events!

*  Sandwich Buffets
*  E-Z Buffets (1meat)
*  2 Meat Buffets
*  Side Dishes to accompany your main dish
                            Call Gary at 589-6111
Serving meals Monday - Friday at 11:30 Everyone is welcome. Check out our menu on page 5 of our monthly newsletter.  Call the previous day to reserve your meal.  589-6111.

Cards are played every Thursday at noon. (Sheep Head & Polish Poker) Please join us!
Crochet Class every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month.
11:30 lunch included - $4.00
If you or someone you know has lost a loved one there is no need to suffer in silence.   Support is needed in order to heal.  Grief support group will be held on Monday Oct.16 from 5:30- 6:30 pm at the Pickett Community Center.  Meetings are facilitated by Tanya Hielke, commissioned spiritual director and grief guide. There is  NO fee.
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